Thursday, November 27, 2014

NGO’s Play a Vital Role in the Society

In times of crisis and calamities, wherein people get devastated and hopeless about their lives, there are those organizations that lend a helping hand to protect, educate and provide the basic needs of those individuals who suffer the bitterness of the world . Help can come from the same country or from any parts of the globe, and it surely provides a big relief to those recipients of their good deeds. The one’s responsible for the welfare of everyone is the government but aside from its presence, there is also the existence of organizations that are established by common people that have no connection with the government commonly known as NGO’s or Non-Governmental Organizations.

An organization such as this is made possible because of the people who take part in the implementation of certain activities and agendas. Without them, the organization will be less productive and non-functional. Usually, those who participate in the organization are volunteers. The volunteers can be anyone as long as he or she is willing to take part. Those who take part are usually those individuals who want to serve others and help others look for means to survive life. Of course, they cannot operate if they do not have to mean of supporting their organization. Money is important for these organizations to continually provide help to those who are in need. This is achieved through certain fund raising activities and private donations. Donations do not come too slow for these independent sectors because those who support them financially are able to see that the intention of these organizations is only for the good of all. Proper management is also necessary to keep the organization moving and prevent unnecessary conflicts.

These organizations have contributed much to the people and even during its early days, it has played a vital role in being a form of refuge to those who have been suffering. Its existence was focused on having agendas that have a greater concern for the welfare of those women who have been slaved and abused. There was then a bloom of many NGO’s in all the parts of the globe which focused not only on the welfare of women but also all the problems faced by most nations. Other NGO’s have been coordinating with the United Nations, an organization that is also concerned with humanitarian issues and welfare of nations, for consultations to make them organized and synchronized. These independent sectors serve as the voice of those indigenous people who cannot act on their own because of lack of resources. They help these individuals to fight for their rights and achieve what is supposed to be theirs.

These organizations have a lot of purpose like implementing projects that will benefit the oppressed, and it helps in the adherence of the human rights. NGO’s are focusing on many things that need to be acted upon and a most common concern is poverty. Poverty is a major problem of the world and these organizations are conducting activities that raise the awareness level of the people and urge them to help. They then conduct feeding programs, medical missions and seminars to those recipients to somehow ease the problem. Health is also a major issue that NGO’s are concerned about. They provide people with certain ideas that would be of great help to them, and they encourage them to practice proper hygiene and information about health. They are also highly concerned with the environment. Those establishments that are producing bad effects to the environment are usually criticized by these groups, and they conduct activities to stop its operations and help save mother earth. Other areas of concern include children, animals, corruption by government officials and immediate relief during calamities.

Whatever the purpose and intention of these non-governmental organizations, we can really say that they are only doing what is necessary. It may sometimes be opposed by some, but it’s a way of making a move to help promote change and improve the status of the society. We can really say that having these independent sectors is very important because they are the ones who initiate people to take part in promoting a harmonious relationship among its brethren to give them liberation and justice.

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